Here’s a poem I wrote. I appreciate you for reading it. Thank you Her eyes became smaller for she was all she could see Yet I saw her eyes grow bigger right in front of me. She shed ten layers of skin that had grown around her heart               ... Continue Reading →

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Surrender to the moment.

I started to notice throughout my life that the moments I thought were going to be defining or the "special" moments always fell short. Looking forward to a trip was sometimes more fun and exciting than the actual trip. Silly I know, but the mind creates its own world and compares it to reality. It's... Continue Reading →

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when you sit to create, to write, to paint what are you thinking of? is it pure vomit that goes onto the page? do you not have any control of what comes out, almost like a ceremonial purge of emotions, thoughts and ideas? Or do you sit there wondering what should come out? Wondering how... Continue Reading →

Not letting fear win…

There is always going to be excuses in life to not do what you want to do. It's funny actually that we choose not to do things that we actually would love to do for silly reasons like time. It's been two weeks or more since I've written a new blog post. I haven't experienced... Continue Reading →

Emoji of a Wave

Feelings! All day I had the idea in my mind about writing about feelings, but my feelings change every 2 seconds or so, so I didn't know if that's what I really wanted to write about. What a conundrum right?!?! How the hell am I supposed to pin down one blog post about feelings? I... Continue Reading →

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